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GeoLeap 2024 MEGA

GeoLeap 2024 is all about celebrating an occasion that only happens once every four years – Leap Day! The events for the week will all have a Leap Day theme. 

February 28th

GCAJNFC – Prepare to Leap – (Wednesday, 2/28/24, 7-9 PM) This is our welcome event and packet pick-up gathering.  Come swap stories and hear about everyone’s plans for Leap Day fun! You might learn something exciting that will alter your Leap Day plans. 

GCAJC83 – Everyone loves to cache in Austin (Wednesday 2/28/24 –  9:15 to 9:45PM) Our great friend Holy Guacamole is throwing a Prepare to Leap after-party. Come sit around the host hotel’s fire pits and share your fireside caching stories. You will not want to miss this event!

February 29th

GCACQBJ – GeoLeap 2024 MEGA (Thursday 2/29/2024 – 4 to 8 PM) This is it!!! Join us for the first Leap Day Mega in North America!!! 


GeoLeap 2024 – What better way to celebrate a day that only comes around once every four years than with an awesome event!  The event will start at 4:00 pm at Settlers Pavilion in Round Rock, Texas for a Leap Day Celebration!  

The main event will include a GeoLeap Coin Challenge.  Passports are now available that will include a list of newly published caches. Click on the Button to Get Passport.

Cachers that complete their passport can bring them to the event and will be eligible to receive one of a limited number of free super-duper cool GeoLeap coins. There will also be lots of great activities including a gadget cache class and presentations on snakes and coin design.  Other activities will include a LeapFrog relay for the young and young at heart and Leap Frog Bingo for all ages.  There will also be opportunities to exchange trackables and lots of good old-fashioned caching conversation.  

What a cool way to spend the extra day that 2024 gives you!

GCAJAXF – The Last Leap (Thursday 2/29/2024 – 8:30 to 10 PM) After the main event, we have picked an excellent place for everyone to gather and discuss their Leap Day. Join us for fun, friends, and photo ops!

March 1st

GCAK18T – Are all donuts round? Can you leap one? (Friday, 3/1/2024 – 6 to 7:30 AM) If you have never been to this historic donut shop, don’t miss out; you will see all the others who have been there. 

GCAJDM0 – March Kickoff Keep Geocaching Weird (Friday 3/1/2024 – 7 to 9PM) Get your JASMER month started with us at this event.  We have booked a unique location for this event, and sensory overload is the theme. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

March 2nd

GCAJNF7 – GeoLeap 2024 CITO (Saturday 3/2/2024 – 7 to 8 AM) We finish off our portion of the weekend by giving back to the community. We have a couple of extras planned for this event, and we hope you attend to show your support to Round Rock Parks and Rec for giving us the venue and support to make this event happen.

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